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The HIV Research Trust awards short-term scholarships to health care professionals in developing countries to help recipients learn skills and techniques which will add to their local department’s capacity in HIV treatment and prevention. More than 200 awards have been made to date.

In partnership with the International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection

Scholarships for early/mid-career health care professionals
Open to researchers in all specialties concerned with HIV infection
Scholarships of variable duration awarded annually

2017 Scholarship Timelines

Online applications are NOW open

Closing date 31 October 2016

Awards announced late December 2016

The HIV Research Trust is a charitable foundation that provides financial support to physicians, nurses, scientists and other health care professionals in early/mid-career who are located in resource-limited settings from low-income and lower-middle-income countries* working in the field of HIV infection. All aspects of research related to HIV infection and its consequences are eligible including clinical care, basic and applied biology, epidemiology, psychological, ethical, economic, educational and societal aspects. The support is in the form of scholarships which are of variable duration and cover course fees, travel, living expenses and consumables.

Scholarships are awarded annually following a competitive peer-review process and are designed to enable the candidate to travel to another research unit to learn skills and techniques which should develop the candidate’s career and, on return to the home institution, add to the capacity of the department to carry out research related to treatment and prevention. Examples of skills and techniques that may be acquired are; clinical management, clinical trial experience and practice, data and trial management, statistical expertise, acquisition of laboratory techniques and analysis, cell and molecular biology.

* When considering if support can be granted, the HIV Research Trust uses information provided by the World Bank.  If you do not specifically meet these criteria but are in a region of a country where research resources are limited and you feel that you meet the spirit of eligibility, then you may apply but additional information will be required in your application.

2017 Timeline

  • Application for 2017 scholarships is NOW open
  • Closing date for online application 31 October 2016
  • 2017 scholarships announced late December 2016



If you are interested in applying for a scholarship find out more below:



The scholarships are for health care professionals in early/mid-career who are located in resource-limited settings from low-income and lower-middle-income countries working in the field of HIV infection. Read more to see if you are eligible.