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Ekwaro A. Obuku


Country Uganda
Job Title Research Fellow
Date of Scholarship Feb 19th - March 25th 2012
Host Institution London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK
Scholarship Title Economic Evaluation of Health Care Interventions, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)


This short course in economic evaluation equipped me with knowledge and skills to meet the objectives below:

  1. Identify the key features of different types of economic evaluation and explain when each type of evaluation is most appropriately used;
  2. Assess the relevance and value of economic evaluation for health policy and planning;
  3. Carry out a simple economic evaluation designed to guide the investment decisions of planners and to help develop health policies.

There were class lectures in the morning sessions, followed by practical work and group discussions for the rest of the day. This mode of delivery facilitated my understanding of the fundamentals of economic evaluation of health care interventions from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

Work involved group skill-building assignments which started early in the course and continued through-out the training. The course work used the Markov modelling technique and basic software to evaluate the use of antiretroviral therapy in a sub-Saharan Africa context, which I found extremely relevant to my work as the principles of economic evaluation of health care programmes are cross-cutting. Further still, I learned from the different international experiences of my fellow students. There were group seminars where each group prepared a presentation on various topical issues in health economics, which stimulated debate and deepened my appreciation of economic evaluation. Senior economists were available during these sessions and were very resourceful in giving guidance and tutorship. I had an opportunity to moderate a seminar discussion on the relevance of economic evaluation in health care policy formulation, with reference to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), UK. In addition, I was able to freely interact with specialists in the area of public health evaluation, Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV research from the Centre for Public Health Evaluation (CEPHI) and the TB Centre at the LSHTM as well as the (British) Medical Research Council, London. In particular, I had a mentorship session with a health economist in TB diagnostics who suggested key improvements in the design of my research fellowship project. In fact, during one such networking event I met a senior research scientist at the LSHTM TB Centre with whom we will collaborate in a future research project on childhood TB. On my return to the Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda I hope to accomplish the following:

  1. Successfully execute my research project on economic evaluation of same day diagnosis of TB
  2. Facilitate knowledge & skills transfer to fellow researchers and students through CMEs/CPDs
  3. Liaise with the relevant key personnel at the National TB Programme for policy considerations.

Indeed my gratitude goes to the HIV Research Trust Scholarship who facilitated my tuition and travel, and the staff of the Economic Evaluation course at the LSHTM for their mentorship and commitment.


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  • 2019 scholarships announced late December 2018



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