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Ngo Thi Thanh Huong
Country Vietnam
Job Title Researcher
Date of Scholarship February 2011 - April 2011
Host Country Perth, Western Australia
Scholarship Socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS



My main objective was seeking advice with an expert supervisor - especially in HIV/AIDS research and anthropological and social methods to develop and complete my project about socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS on household vulnerability and poverty in Vietnam. Moreover, I expected that working within a professional education environment and accessing a huge information source from Curtin could help me to improve and enhance my research knowledge and capability.

Main activities and achievements

I have been undertaking the following academic award activities:

  • Participated in the short course on the economics of health financing with application to developing countries from 7-11/02/2011. I have learnt many essential lessons included practical experiences for firstly my current research about socio-economic impacts of HIV on household, secondly my career target to work closely with policy, strategy and management in health. In this course, I have met many people from different countries, we were sharing about our work, our context and application of health financing in each detail situation. That is an important course for me.
  • Completed my nominated proposal about “The social economic impacts of HIV/AIDS on household vulnerability and poverty in Vietnam”. I have done literature review and methodology with great helps from my supervisor – A/Prof Jaya Earnest, especially I did have chance to present my proposal and get comments from Center for International Health (CIH) researchers and also other experts from Curtin and UWA. Those comments have already fattened up my research. Currently, I am implementing this research in Vietnam, funded by UNDP and planed to finish in next May.
  • Made four papers for publication with very significant contribution of A/Prof Jaya Earnest My supervisor in Curtin and Prof Niyi Awofeso from The University of Western Australia (UWA ). Moreover, I have successfully presented two my researches about injecting drug users, determinants and intervention programs in international conference about Harm Reduction Program in Lebanon in April 2011, these presentations had been contributed very significantly by A/Prof Jaya Earnest . These achievements are very important steps for my work and also my university in approaching to academic at international level.
  • Established an academic network among professors in UWA, Curtin and my university; they will be very supportive for my work and my university in terms of technical, also further collaborative researches or projects in the future. My performance in Curtin is really helpful in tightening the relationship between Hanoi Medical University and Curtin University of Technology and The University of Western Australia in Australia.
  • Finally, during my time in Curtin, I highly appreciate the accessibility to Curtin Library and Information sources here. I have already downloaded many significant documents included e-books and e-journals which made me possible to set up a proper library for my center in HMU. I have done an information system regarding HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, research methodology, epidemiology, and biostatistics, which is very much important and essential for us, my student and very poor library system in my university.

Other achievements It is clear that CIH in Curtin University is a very professional working and learning environment. I realized that I have been more socialized and self-confidence. In terms of capability, I have gained analysis and summary skills, logical thoughts; importantly my research capability has been improved very much. I feel confidence to work with HIV/AIDS researches and other reproductive health studies. Furthermore, I also have learnt from reality other skills such as financial management and human management in organizing and implementing research projects. It is no doubt that those achievements are very good for myself, my future job and definitely fruitful for my university.

Additionally, living in WA for 3 months, although I did not have much time for traveling, I have explored many interesting things in this land. Perth is the most isolated city over the world and very peaceful. I am thinking of my PhD study, I would probably consider Curtin as my choice for pursuing higher degree. By this occasion, I would like to express my great gratitude to Trustee for giving me very good chance to approach a very different and professional training and studying environment in Australia and discovery this amazing land. This is really an unforgettable time in my life.


2018 Timeline

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  • 2019 scholarships announced late December 2018



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