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  • Pauline Byakika-Kibwika, winner of the HIVRT alumni scholarship to attend the HIV Drug Therapy Congress, Glasgow, 2018.

    HIV Research Trust alumni were asked to complete a survey describing how their HIVRT scholarship had impacted their professional and academic lives allowing Trustees to better understand how it affected patient outcomes in the scholar’s home setting. The Trustees assessed all survey responses and selected Pauline to receive the above award. Her story is summarised below.

    In 2010 Pauline attended a placement at Mahidol University, Thailand to obtain clinical pharmacology analytical skills to assist her in completing her PhD. Pauline’s PhD work contributed to the current knowledge on treatment of malaria in HIV-infected patients who are also receiving antiretroviral treatment. This work has been utilised and referenced by the World Health Organization in the current policy on treatment of malaria in HIV-infected individuals.

    After completion of her PhD, she was promoted to Associate Professor and currently heads the Infectious Diseases Unit at the Department of Medicine of Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Kampala, Uganda where they care for those who are affected with HIV and opportunistic infections - more than 200 HIV-infected inpatients and over 300 outpatients are seen each month.

    Pauline is also the Director of the Research Directorate at Makerere where her responsibilities include reviewing and guiding the research framework at the Department of Medicine and supervising Masters and PhD students’ research projects.
  • 2013 Scholars

    Alberta Davis, PhD Student, Gambia
    To visit the School of Biology at the Georgia Institute of Technology to gain hands-on training on Next Generation sequencing technologies and software analysis to be applied in research involving host genetic and epigenetic factors in HIV-2 disease progression.

    Aloysious Ssemaganda, Basic Sciences Coordinator, Uganda
    To visit Imperial College London to obtain practical skills and theoretical knowledge on arginase-mediated L-arginine metabolism for subsequent application in proposed research.

    Amos Mwaka Deogratius, PhD Fellow, Uganda
    To visit the Health Services Research Centre at the Institute of Public Health of the University of Cambridge and the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI) of the UK for mentored research development as well as to learn strategies to prevent death from cervical cancer in Uganda and other developing countries.

    Béatrice Dambaya, PhD Student, Cameroon
    To visit the Immunogenetic Division of Institut Pasteur in Paris for the study of SNPs in the host genes associate with HIV/AIDS disease progression or protection in children.

    Bekana Kebede Tadese, Lecturer and Clinical Research Project Coordinator, Ethiopia
    To visit the University of California San Diego Antiviral Research Center (UCSD AVRC) to undertake training on advanced clinical research methods, statistics and data analysis methods for his PhD study on Maternal to Child Transmission.

    Evelyn Babirye, Senior Data Entry Clerk, Uganda
    To complete a comprehensive six months customised training programme in laboratory information management systems and research laboratory data management. She will also intern with IV vaccine Trials Network, then will complete a STD/HIV Research Course and Leadership Development, Conflict Management and Communication Skills at the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre.

    Evelyn Lumngwena Ngwa, PhD Student, South Africa
    To visit the Laboratory of Immunoregulation of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease/National Institute of Health (NIAID-NIH), USA to learn laboratory research methods to be applied in HIV-1 envelope host interaction and Immunoregulation.

    Fatemeh Jahanbakhsh Sefidi, Research Fellow, Iran
    To train at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School, USA, and learn how to adapt the cell-to-cell fusion system to screen Iranian natural products libraries with the goal of finding molecules that can inhibit HIV-1 entry. Additionally multiple techniques will be used to biochemically characterise and test the effects of candidate molecules that are identified during this screen.

    Gershim Asiki, Research Project Leader, Uganda
    To visit Karolinska Institute, Sweden to undertake short courses in person based quantitative designs and SAS programming to handle large volumes of longitudinal data.

    Joseph Ouma, Statistician and Database Manager, Uganda
    To attend the summer school on advanced epidemiological analysis at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, to learn the critical statistical tools for handling large longitudinal survey data; and to visit Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health to obtain guidance in analysing large survey data for HIV dynamics in Uganda. Analysis will focus on reviewing large survey dataset to understand the long term drivers of the HIV epidemic in Uganda.

    Julius Soyinka, Lecturer, Nigeria
    To visit Pharmacology research Laboratories of University of Liverpool, UK, in order to undertake pharmacokinetic drug interactions study, looking at HIV and anti-malarial interactions and particularly why these may differ in a Nigerian population. Also undergo training in techniques that can be used to describe the pharmacokinetic variability between different stratified populations and to predict optimal dosing through the use of simulations.

    Kailash Karale, Data Manager, India
    To visit National Center for Laboratory Animal Sciences, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India to undertake training on animal experimentation and techniques used in animal modelling for HIV/AIDS biomedical research.

    Karen Myllynen Webb, Operational Research Coordinator, Zimbabwe
    To visit the Cost-Effectiveness of Preventing AIDS Complications (CEPAC) Research Group at Massachusetts General Hospital and attend the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) to undertake training on decision analysis and computer simulation modelling in order to more effectively assess clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) interventions in Zimbabwe.

    Legese Alemayehu (Mekuria), PhD Fellow, Ethiopia
    To visit the Department of Epidemiology at the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences – Erasmus University Rotterdam (NIHES-EMC), The Netherlands, to attend advanced taught courses in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Research Methodology and the quantitative approach to epidemiologic data analysis.

    Mayibongwe Mzingwane, Lecturer, Zimbabwe
    To visit the Department of Medical Virology, University of Pretoria, South Africa for the finalisation of PhD research protocol and running preliminary laboratory tests including training in HIV molecular pathology and bioinformatics.

    Musa Ngayo, PhD Student and Research Scientist, Kenya
    To visit the Centre de Recherche Public de la Santé, Luxembourg to undertake training on pharmacogenetic techniques.

    Rogers Kisame, Research/Clinical Laboratory Supervisor, Uganda
    To visit the Immunology/Virology Quality Assessment Centre within Duke Human Vaccine Institute at Duke University, to train in Immunology/flow Cytometry techniques and peripheral Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) processing in an effort to strengthen and improve immunology testing and Quality Assurance skills at the IDI/ MU-JHU Core Laboratory in Uganda.

    Satyanarayana, Research Manager, India
    To visit Center for Global Public Health, Department of Community Health Science, University of Manitoba, Canada to undertake short course in advanced qualitative research methods and five week internship.

    Sengeziwe Sibeko, DPhil Student, South Africa
    To visit the University of Cape Town’s Institute of Infectious Diseases and Molecular Medicine for optimisation of methods to collect, extract and isolate T lymphocytes from fresh tissue biopsy specimens collected from female lower genital tract tissues, a step necessary in enhancing our understanding of HIV infection preventive mechanisms.

    Soodabeh Navadehkhodadadi, PhD Student and Distance Educational Manager, Iran
    To visit Global Health Sciences Campus of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), USA, to learn advanced statistical modelling approaches to analyse and predict HIV-related sexual risk among high risk groups in Iran.

    Susan Kasula, Data Officer, Uganda
    To vist DF/Net Research, Inc, in Seattle, Washington, USA, to train in a variety of Clinical Trial Data Management tasks focusing on the data fax technology.

    Taiwo Amole, Senior Registrar, Nigeria
    To visit the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, to undertake a course in Adolescent Health to develop the capacity to address specific health needs of HIV-infected adolescents.

    Tolbert Sonda, Data Manager, Tanzania
    To visit Data and Statistics section of Uganda Medical Research Council (MRC) to learn electronic data capture systems, the acceptable standards of data management and learn advanced statistical methods in epidemiology.

    Zivai Mupambireyi (Nenguke), Lead Qualitative Researcher, Zimbabwe
    To visit London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, to undertake specialist post-graduate training in qualitative methodology and sociological approaches to health research.


    • 11th Jan 2021: Applications Open
    • 7th March 2021: Applications Close
    • April 2021: Scholarships announced



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    The scholarships are for health care professionals in early/mid-career who are located in resource-limited settings from low-income and lower-middle-income countries working in the field of HIV infection. Read more to see if you are eligible.